So you’re excited about biking and want to share your enthusiasm with the community. The NSMBA has an exciting volunteer position for you! We want to ensure that volunteering with the NSMBA is a fun and rewarding experience, and will help match you with a project that best suits your current interests. Below is our wishlist of the people skills we need and projects that are available for you to work on. If you see anything you like, or have another innovative idea, please fill out a volunteer application form.

If you have an interest in volunteering your expertise, we require volunteers to assist us on the following teams:

Advocacy Team:

  • A grant researcher and grant writer
  • Local representatives for West Vancovuer and North Vancouver
  • Representatives for the Community Services Advisory Committee, Parks and Natural Environment Committee and the North Vancouver Recreation Commission
  • Representatives for North Shore Tourism

Trails Team:

  • Trail builders for TAP and volunteer maintenance. Training provided!

Events Team:

  • Lead volunteer for the Gear Swap
  • Lead volunteer for social events
  • Lead volunteer for the film festival
  • Lead volunteer for fundraisers

Race Team:

  • Lead volunteer for the Toonies
  • Lead volunteer for Races
  • Lead volunteer for Wades Excellent Adventure

Finance Team:

  • Accountants, bookeepers, lawyers specializing in insurance and liability

Marketing & Communications Team:

  • Website design and maintenance (Drupal 7)
  • Database designers and maintenaner
  • Graphic designers and publishers
  • GIS specialists
  • Content writers

Volunteers & Membership Team:

  • Party planners and volunteer coordinators