Trails, Trails, TrailsThe NSMBA is all about the trails. The association runs a number of programs aimed at ensuring that the trails of the Shore exist for all to enjoy forever.

Maps & Trail Info

Trail Adoption Plan

Introduced in 2011, the Trail Adoption Plan pairs a Trail Adopter, who mobilises volunteers, and runs trail maintenance days with a certified Trail Builder, who provides design guidance, trail maintenance expertise, and leads the efforts of the Adopter on all trail days. Collectively, the Adopter and Builder work with the NSMBA to develop a vision of a trail based on environmental care to optimize sustainability.

Trail Days

Public Trail Days are probably one of the most widely recognised activities of the NSMBA. All volunteers are welcome on these days -- you provide the effort and we provide work plans, experienced trail maintainers to organise people, tools, food, and little fun. These days are hard work but people go away knowing that they've done a good thing for the trails. This is how many an aspiring trail maintainers get their start! Find out when the next Trail Day is.

Trail Warnings