The NSMBA has received notice that truck traffic will see an increase and some blasting will be occurring for a housing development around Cypress Bowl road and Chippendale.
The construction company is asking riders to respect the no trespassing signs and stay clear of the area in an effort to maintain public safety during the construction.
Thank you for your cooperation.

The NSMBA is proud to announce the hiring of Lea Zhecheva as our new student Trail Builder thanks to funding from the Provincial Government. Lea is excited to be in her second week of work improving our trails.  She is an avid lover of the outdoors, working with Cypress Bowl as ski patrol in the winter and an eager mountain biker and hiker in the summer.  Lea returns to the University of British Columbia in the fall to continue her work towards her Bachelor of Science.

BC Parks has requested that we as the NSMBA inform our membership on BC Parks Policy and Procedure. We have also updated the NSMBA 101 (Pg 12/13) to reflect BC Parks request.

The NSMBA would like to remind all of us to be extra careful in the forest as the dry weather persists.  Despite the recent light rain, we all must continue to remain dedicated to fire safety in the forest.  

The NSMBA are proud to announce the opening of the "Good Sir Martin" climb on Seymour.

On Sunday July 19th the NSMBA will host a Q&A session; it will be a one on one opportunity for you to ask us questions.

Vince and some of the Directors will be available between 9am and 11am at Delany’s coffee in Lynn Valley. Just drop by if you would like to ask us any questions, we will do our very best to answer you.

Just look for an NSMBA poster on our table!


Due to the extremely dry weather we have decided to postpone the final two Fivers of the 2015 season till we get some more moisture. The dry trails have become very sensitive and we feel it's un-needed to race on the trails in these conditions and cause un-needed wear. 

We will be keeping a close eye on weather and update this as soon as we feel we're ready to get the Fiver's going again.

Thank you for your understanding.

North Shore Fiver Series


Fiver Schedule:

  • April 30 - Seymour - North Shore Bike Shop
  • May 14th - Seymour - Endless Biking
  • May 21st - Seymour - Skiis and Bikes
  • May 28th - Seymour - Lynn Valley Bikes
  • June 11th - Seymour - Norco John Henry
  • June 18th - Seymour - Bond Training / Young Realty
  • June 25th - Seymour - Rocky Mountain
  • POSTPONED - Fromme - Steed
  • POSTPONED- Fromme - MEC