The NSMBA Trail Crew have been hard at it all summer to make our trails the best they can be.  As of late, Pangor has seen a ton of new wood, Digger is hard at it on Ladies Only and if we add to that the recent work on Upper Oilcan, Pingu, Corkscrew, Pennzoil and 7th Secret things are really coming together.  As promised at the Spring Town Hall meeting, thanks to the hard work in our community by the many builders and our TAP sponsors, we are now adding some bells & whistles to many trails now that most of the heavy lifting has been done.  Look for the trail crew to continue work on Crinkum Crankum to replace expired structures later this month. A big thanks to Digger, Pat Podolski, Sean Gerke and our summer student Lea Zhecheva for taking on the lion's share of the new woodwork. TAP is underway again with the return of moisture. Continued efforts of our TAP build leaders keep the momentum going into the Fall and of course, the NSMBA recognizes and supports those who wish to work independently on trails with Land Manager permission.


Our Family & Youth Day on Empress Bypass saw a great turnout!

We have been working with Metro to bring you a communication on the Fall 2015 Trail Upgrades from the Metro Land Managers.

Fall 2015 Trail Upgrades


Dale’s: Trail work has gotten underway on Upper Dale’s which includes a re-alignment of a small bridge at the bottom of the new trail section and completion of machine work done early in the season.


We recently took a stroll along Jerry Rig, a heritage trail on Fromme. Due to the structural instability of the technical features the trail has been closed in 2010 and since fallen into despair. Back in the day, the features on this trail started discussions on introducing a triple-black-diamond rating. Skinnies a la Danger Dan, drop-to-flats, massive gaps, wall rides, this trail had it all. Even if the features on this trail were in sound condition, would you ride it? Enjoy some pictures of this almost forgotten legacy of mountain biking history.

The North Shore Mountains provide a truly unique opportunity for the residents of the Lower Mainland. Whether you walk out your door in Lynn Valley or drive over a bridge, we have access to mountains like no other metropolitan area.

The North Shore Mountains provide a place to be in nature and enjoy being outdoors for hikers, walkers, runners and riders. We must all remember how fortunate we are for this opportunity. We must strive to care and respect the environment and we must foster a community that is built on the principle of respect for all user groups.

This month we add a section to the NSMBA 101 about trails signage for DNV managed lands. The intent is to provide information in order to foster mutual respect for all.


Cedar origami by Dan Lui & Jorn Dettmer on UOC UTurn.