Toonie #4 Presented by Lynn Valley Bikes Results


Back on Fromme for Toonie #4 Presented by Lynn Valley Bikes.

Are you ready for Pipeline? No smooth swoopy berms this week, this is classic Shore.


As the NSMBA works with the Land Managers to create cohesive connections within our inherited network, climbing access is part of this strategy.  


The Open House in May was well attended.  Was your voice heard?

A public open house was held this month to outline and solicit input from the community regarding the Fromme parking lot as proposed by the District of North Vancouver.

It was well attended by local residents and to no surprise, continues to be a polarizing topic.

It has been a long standing issue that was the catalyst for the Fromme Mountain Sustainable Trail Use and Classification Plan.


The 2014 Metro work plan has been officially released.  

This will affect trails in the LSCR.

What? Wait that isn't a map of Fromme. We are on Seymour this week, the first time for the revitalized Toonies. 

The sign-in is at Parkgate Park, if you are not familiar with the park it's tucked in between Parkgate Centre and the Golf Course. It can be accessed via Parkgate Ave. Parking is limited, please carpool or ride from home or disperse your parking around the community. There is a paved path that links the park to Ann MacDonald Way/Old Buck trail head. 

BC Parks has begun work on the Old Buck trail to lower the average grade to approximately 10% by meandering the trail through the surrounding forest adjacent to the trail.  Total of all reroutes will be approximately 700m.  This will minimize erosion and improve user experience.  Work will be completed by approximately end of June 2014.

Ewan Fafard begins work on the Old Buck.

Time to drop the course for Wade's Excellent Adventure

(cue Bill and Ted's Excellent Adventure guitar riff)

at the Water Towers on Fromme.

Liaison 1- Climb from Water Towers to Floppy Bunny via Mtn Hwy.

Stage 1-Floppy Bunny - Roadside Attraction - Upper and Lower Griffen (finish will be before King of the Shore intersection)

Liaison 2- Climb King of the Shore to Mtn Hwy, climb Mtn Hwy to Leopard

Stage 2- Leopard - Kirkford - Crinkum - Crankum - Cedar trail (finish will be on Cedar before getting to the 1st switchback)

Liaison 3- Climb Mtn Hwy to Pile of Rocks

We are excited to have MEC sponsor the second Toonie of the season. Enjoy a fun ride down Espresso, MEC’s TAP trail. MEC will have mechanics at the start of the trail to make sure your bike is dialed for a smooth night.

A correction to the apres BBQ location, we'll be having the apres after right at the start finish zone at the water towers. MEC will be hosting a club night for NSMBA members at a later date. 

We had beautiful weather to kick off the first event of the season. 

Huge turn out of happy riders. Grand total of riders was 143.

Thanks to all the vounteers, the sponsors, and the riders for a great evening.