Julius Fromme Day 2014
On July 19th, without much fanfare, the NSMBA celebrated the first annual Julius Fromme Day.  "It was just as Julius would have liked it." Masterminded by NSMBA President Vince Beasse, the event was a celebration of the mountains' namesake while taking a trip back in time to show off those old relics' still alive and kicking.  The bikes that is…not the riders!

The NSMBA would like to thank TD Friends of the Environment Foundation for their continued support of the Trail Adoption Plan through the 2014 season.  Our pursuit of sustainable solutions that lessen our footprint and improve the environment echo the goals of the TD FEF.

BC Parks work on the Old Buck is now complete.  The goal for this project was to create a sustainable alignment that controls water and minimizes erosion while lessening sustained grade to improve user experience.  The NSMBA would like to offer our voice of support for the work completed to date, including the improvements on the Baden Powell to Dale’s Trail.  Thank you to BC Parks and Rare Earth for your efforts.
Ps-the NSMBA recommends Old Buck be re-named New Buck!
Summit at the summit.  EMBA & NSMBA.
The NSMBA met with Evergreen Mountain Bike Alliance and Whatcom MTB Coalition on July 15th & 16th to share ideas to improve our efforts to grow as an organization and to improve opportunities for our sport.  EMBA is a regional leader in trail development and has created many community programs that promote the sport while fostering a culture of care for the trails.  The WMBC is thriving with an extremely healthy community of builders and riders that are a model for stewardship and a model of a community working together.


Is it really here? Is it really the final Toonie of the season? Yep #8. This weeks sponsor is Steed Cycles, the apres will be hosted down at their shop. Address 969 Marine Dr. 

The course this week is just two stages, but with the length of Stage 2 it makes up for it. Stage 1 is Pile of Rocks. When was the last time you rode Pile of Rocks?

Timing Tags will be collected at the bottom of Stage 2. Once done you do not need to climb back up to the Water Towers.


#ebfiesta The crew at Endless Biking are stepping it up and planning a great apres party for this weeks Toonie. Should be lots of fun. Oh yeah and it's a classic course. 7th Secret is always tricky to put down a fast time, Lower Oil Can has seen some great work over the last few years and flows well. 

Note that EB will be doing a couple shuttles from their headquarters up to Fromme. So park down there and get a lift up, then it's all downhill after the event back to your vehicle. Check out their facebook page to snag a shuttle spot.

A great turn out and a great spread put on by the crew at John Henry. The cold drink at the top of Old Buck climb was welcome in the heat.


For Toonie #6 we are back over on Seymour for the second and final time this season. It's a really fun course. Not too long with just one major climb to start things off. Hope to see lots of people out this week.

A lower turn out than we've seen at the previous Toonies this season but still plenty of smiling faces. The crew at Rocky threw down an amazing after party at their Development Centre. Anyone that skiped this week due to the course choices certainly missed out.

Men's Results

Time for big bad Ladies Only, considered to be our most challenging trail in the series. We've paired it up with the always fun Kirkford and Upper Griffen.

Big change for the Apres this week, our sponsor Rocky Mountain Bicycles is going to be hosting down at their Development Centre at the bottom of Mountain Hwy. Address is 10-1225 East Keith Road. Note that parking is limited at Rocky, they will have bike parking. Perhaps a good night to car pool or ride from home. We will have a bag drop at sign in, please remember to grab it before heading down to the apres.