Please find below our official 2014 AGM Meeting Minutes.

Link to download 2014 NSMBA AGM Minutes

Thank you to all of those in attendance and for those who support the Shore.


While we strategically plan for 2015, its been an incredibly successful past year for our community on the trail front.  Combine TAP trail days in 2014 (90), 2014 Public Trail Days (9) and 2014 Academy Trail Days (6) we collectively have surpassed the centurion marker in 2014!  100 has been a long standing marker we've aimed for over the past few years. Finally achieving this is a milestone for the NSMBA and is a testament to the collective community spirit that is driving this forward.  
We are working together as a community like never before. We are working together with the Land Managers (LM) to find solutions and understand the process, at times creating the process as we go, but we have earned our place with our efforts and have become a valued and integral part of the LM Trail strategy. With a growing list of support from the business community, generous donors, and an army of well educated & trained volunteers, there is tremendous momentum as we march into 2015. Thank you to all of you who have been part of these efforts.  For those in our community who wish to be part of the effort moving forward in 2015, the door is open for you to join in this movement. 
Please find below our summary of accomplishments in 2014.


Congratulations to Jase Petersen from Kamloops who attended our Provincial Trail Builders Academy.

He has won an Alpha SV Jacket donated by Arc'teryx. Please contact to coordinate sizing and details. Congrats!

The NSMBA is proud to be partnering with Trailforks to provide the North Shore riding community with the best information, maps and trail date. This partnership will enable the NSMBA to keep advocating, maintaining and improving our trail network. Check out the maps here!

General voting day is Saturday, November 15, 2014 from 8am to 8pm

Get out and vote before you ride!

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All Candidate North Van Sports Council Q & A


Tight single track in Kamloops with Kip & Ted from the KBRA.

The NSMBA Builders Academy made its way to the Interior thanks to support from BC Parks' Park Enhancement Fund and Arc'teryx.  Spreading the knowledge of building fun, sustainable trails in formidable conditions, the goal of the Academy is to empower communities with modern trail building solutions.


The NSMBA would like to thank BC Hydro for recent grant funding to address erosion and sustainability issues on the Baden Powell.  This project will begin this month and build upon the work completed in 2013.  The area targetted will be from the exit of Expresso over to Big Stupid.  The NSMBA is currently developing a work plan in collaboration with the DNV.

Working together for a better community...



The NSMBA wishes to thank local North Shore firm Sacré-Davey Engineering for their funding support to restore targetted areas on Upper & Lower Griffen and Roadside Attraction.  With a focus to address erosion and expired structures, this funding will improve conditions on the trail to better align the trails with a blue/green rider experience while at the same time improving sustainability through water dispersion.

This work will continue upon improvements made in the area including the ascent trail built by Rocky Mountain Bicycles in 2013. This will also build upon that hardwork already undertaken in 2011 by Matt Preston and the more recent improvements by Academy grad Michael Stormer.  

Sacré-Davey is committed to North Vancouver and the outdoor lifestyle and believes that Community involves citizens and corporations, working together to improve our trails for all…
Work commences this month.

On Oct 20, Vince Beasse NSMBA President and Mark Wood, NSMBA Program Manager, presented the annual NSMBA progress report to DNV Council.
Met with a warm reception, Council encourages the NSMBA to become a trails association, not just MTB specific.  
With a projected 100 trail days this year, the annual contribution of the volunteers and MTB community has surpassed
the $100 000 mark for three years consecutively.

The NSMBA would like to thank everyone in the community for their support in these efforts.
We would also like to thank the DNV for their continued support to create an ever improving collaborative working relationship.

Please take a moment to fill out the online survey to ensure mountain biking is part of the future on Burke Mountain.  
Deadline to submit is November 14th.