The trail crew sat down this past month to prioritize a few trails and plan for upcoming Trail Days and work for the Fall. Ladies & Lower Ladies (Big ups to North Shore Bike Shop) has been given lots of love and Digger is in his final of weeks completing his master vision for the trail.

Expect the love to continue on Floppy Bunny (Thank you Sombrio) in October as Pat returns to this trail to continue the dirt work. Roadside Attraction (TAP’d by Giant Canada) will continue the great work started on this trail with the kids  in mind and the crew will be working to clean up the end of this trail.

On September 10th, while thousands of skinny tires were making their way up to Whistler, the NSMBA board sent out the President and the Director of Memberships to answer the

On behalf of NSMBA my family and I would like to thank all involved for an amazing trail network in North Vancouver. Our family use these trails frequently and enjoy every minute of it, my son is 6yrs old and currently rides a lot of the higher end trails…this is much better than sitting on an iPad instead. He has been riding these since 4yrs old on Fromme, every day is a request to go into the mountains for a ride. 

Here on the North Shore, we’re very lucky to have world renowned mountain bike trails in our backyard, and even luckier to have dedicated trail builders that put their sweat and soul into caring for them. With 315 trails covering 253 km, that’s a lot of work to maintain – whether it’s clearing drains, topping up the trail bed with gold, re-routing to create a more sustainable line, or re-building rotting woodwork.


NSMBA Board of Director August Update

Here on the Shore we know we’ve got it good.  Looking at the Top Trails in the World on gives us some perspective on exactly how good we’ve got it.





NSMBA Coffee Outside + Q&A

Give your Friends a Brake! A set of Shimano XT Brakes that is!