Michelle Major

Director of Grants & Volunteers

I was born and raised in the country in southern Ontario and my favourite toy growing up was my bike; riding it through the woods and on the roads, exploring new areas looking for the next adventure. I moved to Toronto and enjoyed mountain biking at Hardwood Hills, riding along Lake Ontario waterfront and exploring the network of city trails. In 2005 I came to Vancouver and friends introduced me to the North Shore. Needless to say I had never seen anything like it before and I was completely captivated. Even though I never became ‘good’ at mountain biking to take full advantage of what the North Shore has to offer, I’m at my happiest being in the trails. This is why I joined NSMBA, became a Shore Corps member and am now a member of the Board of Directors to help make the riding experience on the North Shore the best it can be for everyone!


In my professional life I’m a Project Manager (SAP and information systems) and am known for my attention to detail, being organized and achieving success. I’m excited to be able to take these skills and use them in my role as Director of Volunteers and Grants. As the newest member to the Board of Directors, I look forward to providing a fresh perspective in working with them and being able to meet their needs with the generous volunteers that are so eager to help. I also want to maximize the volunteers experience with the many different opportunities the NSMBA has to offer.  As the Director of Grants I look forward to learning from Jenny and Christine, and taking over the detailed task of applying for the grants that are critical to the funding of the valuable projects of the NSMBA.