Sieneke Toering

Director of Events

My speech during the AGM could not have been more clear: if you enjoyed the parties in the last couple of years, look forward to some more fun filled evenings!


As a professional event manager in the bicycle industry, my main objective for the NSMBA this year is pretty straight forward: to have an amazing time together and to be successful in reaching our set goals (within budget... obviously ;).


The community feel that lives on the North Shore is something I had never experienced before in the Flat Low Lands of Europe. Same goes for downhill trails. If you are a foreigner, and I know many of you are, getting involved with the NSMBA is a fantastic way to make new friends and to become part of a community with a short yet incredibly sweet trails history. If you are a local and you ride, I can only assume you know all this and have been helping out already!


Love to ride (or run/ hike/ skip/ roll for that matter) these amazing and legendary North Shore trails? Lend a hand during a trail day, donate some dough at one of our parties or fundraisers and get involved!