Sebastian Mueller

Director of Marketing

My experience and skills in marketing combined with my passion for mountain biking will help me to be successful in my role.

With the main goal to strengthen our position in the community and enable our mission of “trails for all, trails forever”, the biggest focus for 2016 is growing our membership base. The more people sign up for their membership, the better the trails will be. It is not only the financial aspect of a new or renewed membership, much more the support and awareness when negotiation with and asking for support from the DNV and landmangers. 

I simply love to ride. When I feel like riding flowy trails or introduce friends to the Shore there is nothing better than an Expresso to Dempsey descent. If I feel like challenging myself on classic shore trails my go to line is Bookwus to Grannies to either Lower Crippler, Lower Skull or Lower Ladies. Feeling like natural trails? Grannies or Executioner. Bitches Brew, Digger, Boundary, there are still ndless outstanding projects. You might have guessed it already, Mt. Fromme is my go-to Mountain on the Shore and with constantly shifting preferences there is not one trail to choose.