Lower Griffen Ascending Trail

A new climbing line has been created on Fromme with collaboration between the DNV and the NSMBA.

Thank you to Rocky Mountain Bicycles for hosting a public trail day in October.  Facebook pictures here.
This is to be used by riders exitting from Immonator instead of descending on the Baden Powell.  To clarify-all riders are to please use this to climb to exit at water towers.
It is an ascending only trail and is not built to handle downhill traffic as the corners are climbing corners, therefore too tight for descending and therefore will require heavy braking which will destroy the trail tread.  Please help us work together as a community to keep it climbing only.

Please exit by the water towers.  Please follow the new trail signage that leads bikers to the new trail head near the water towers.  We ask for your cooperation with this to ensure continued positive relations with area residents as well as the DNV.  

The area to the west has been deactivated by the DNV to alleviate sustainability issues, but primarily due to the infringement on private land.  Please stay out of this zone as the forest rehabilitates.

Thank you to Devon Campbell for the creation of the map.

Please note: the water tower trail on the map refers to the one on McNair, not Mountain Hwy.


Bobsled Trail Day Nov 3

A total of 28 people participated in the work on Bobsled this weekend, sponsored by North Shore Bike Shop.  Work will continue to finalize this reroute on Nov 16th for our final trail day of the year.

Led by Pat Podolski, Digger & Irish Pete, a major reroute has been implemented that addresses the steep grade (33%) and subsequent erosion.  The new alignment will be sustainable and more in line with the experience associated with a beginner trail, including an average grade of less than 10%.


Bridle Path Revitalization - Reroute Completed by Shore Corps


The Shore Corps completed a significant re-route on the Bridle Path on Sat Oct 26th.  Part of the MEC funded Bridle Path Revitalization, the first portion of the reroute began in April 20th of this year by the Spring Academy grads.

The Shore Corps are graduates from the Builders Academy who have attended the theory session and the field practical session.  The reroute will improve sustainability and user experience while bringing this section of the Bridle Path in line with the green ranking of difficulty.

BC Parks begins work on Old Buck & Baden Powell, Seymour

Work is underway to improve conditions on Old Buck & the Baden Powell on Seymour.  While the NSMBA is re-decking bridges, BC Park's crews remove danger trees on Old Buck. 

Through a collaborative effort, re-routes have been proposed to lessen the grade and meander Old Buck through the adjacent forest to improve the user experience and seek sustainable, long term solutions to sections in which erosion is evident on sustained grades. 

Work on BP has commenced to establish drainage and repair areas hardest hit by erosion.  Work on Old Buck will begin when work on Baden Powell is completed this fall.

NSMBA Presents to DNV Council Nov 18

Do you support Mountain Biking in North Vancouver?  We do.
Please join us in Council Chambers on November 18th to let DNV Council know you are one of many in the community who support the continued development of the sport here in North Vancouver.
On Monday November 18th at 7pm, the NSMBA will present to City Council for 5 minutes.  
Location here.

Fall 2013 Trail Days

Trail Days Fall 2013
Oct 13 Boogey Man - Steed Cycles & Devinci - meet up 9am Old Buck
Oct 19 Lower Griffen - Rocky Mountain Bicycles - meet up 9am Mountain View Park
Nov 3 Bobsled - North Shore Bike Shop - meet up 9am Bottom of Bobsled
Nov 16 Bridle Path - meet up 9am Old Buck
Lunch & great prizes from our sponsors and some exciting trail improvements in store for this Fall! 
You've always wanted to help out, now here's your chance!
The Shore just keeps getting better thanks to you!

Forever After

The NSMBA is proud to announce the new trail on Seymour is named "Forever After".
The name is a combination in tribute to the Trails Forever Fund, from which funding was derived to complete the project, and the utilization of existing portions of Aftertaste.  
The name was submitted by past NSMBA Director Rhonna Gurevich, and bested over 100 other name submissions.

Thank you to those who contributed to the Trails Forever Fund to make this project possible. 

Please

Corkscrew Bridge Replacement

Thanks to funding from Norco Bicycles, the bridge on Corkscrew has been replaced.  The section of trail leading into the bridge was lower than the nearby creek and suffered from poor drainage due to seepage from the creek.  The bridge was nearing expiry and suffered from alignment that was inconsistent with the rest of the trail. Riders will now keep their flow into the lower section of Corkscrew.  The NSMBA would like to thank Norco Bicycles for their support of this project and Todd "Digger" Fiander for the craftmanship in construction.

NSMBA announces new advanced trail on Mt. Seymour

The NSMBA, in partnership with Metro Vancouver LSCR, is pleased to officially announce the construction of a new advanced all-mountain trail on Mt. Seymour. The new, as yet unamed trail, will link the bottom of Dale's trail with the Bridle Path.

Construction on the approximately two kilometer long trail has now completed, and the NSMBA will be hosting an official opening event on Friday, July 26th. Starting at 6pm, riders will leave the Old Buck parking lot, and climb the Old Buck and Baden Powell trails to the start of Dale's. After descending Dale's, the trail will be christened with its new name and riders will be treated to a fun, social ride down the new trail. Apres will follow at Seymour's Pub at 8pm.

As an NSMBA member you are elgible to take part in the naming of the new trail, this is a unique opportunity to coin a piece of the North Shore. From now until July 17th, submit your idea for a trail name to A select panel of judges will select the three best names, which will then be put to a vote. Public voting will be open from July 20th-25th with the winning name being announced at the opening event on July 26th.

Not an NSMBA member? Please become a supporter and help us continue our mission of providing great trails to the people of the North Shore.

We would like to sincerely thank Metro Vancouver LSCR for the enormous amount of support they provided towards the completion of this trail, those who donated to the NSMBA Trails Forever fund, and our dedicated trail builders and Program Manager for making this project a reality.

High School League Trail Project - Phase 2 starting mid-July

The NSMBA and Metro Vancouver are pleased to announce the completion of Phase 1 of the North Shore High School League trail project thanks to funding from Deloitte.  The second phase of the project has received funding and work will begin mid-July. We would like to thank all those who donated to the Trails Forever Campaign, which has allowed us to move forward with Phase 2 which will complete this project, fulfilling the goals of creating an encouraging opportunity for our community youth, the North Shore High School League and individuals new to the sport of mountain biking.


The goal of the project is to create a directional, beginner level trail loop in the Hyannis area. As a beginner loop, the course will be a shared community asset and welcome addition to a challenging trail network.