Old Buck - Work in Progress

BC Parks has begun work on the Old Buck trail to lower the average grade to approximately 10% by meandering the trail through the surrounding forest adjacent to the trail.  Total of all reroutes will be approximately 700m.  This will minimize erosion and improve user experience.  Work will be completed by approximately end of June 2014.

Ewan Fafard begins work on the Old Buck.

May 28 Builder Academy Just Added!

Both dates in April have sold out for the NSMBA Builders Academy presented by Arc'teryx.  We have added an extra day May 28.  Please register here.
There are only 15 spaces available.

Forever After Trail Day Report


On April 5th, BC Bike Race hosted the NSMBA Trail Day on Forever After.  Over 50 people attended and the after party was hosted at the Raven Neighbourhood Pub in Deep Cove with free beer & burgers for all the volunteers!

Much work was needed to repair the trail that was ridden hard all winter and saw thousands of tire tracks.  Much of the old sections of trail was duff which absorbs moisture and becomes mud with user impact.  After removing the organic, the trail bed was rebuilt using mineral dirt and proper drainage was implemented to ensure water now runs off the trail rather than along its course.

Thanks to trail day leaders and Academy grads for their leadership: Kevin Nesbitt, Rick Boles, Conor McGinn, Tomislav Ferenc, Tom Hudson, Alaia Alshariff and Carl Moriarty.  The work is a signficant improvement and will ensure the trail is in top condition to host an international contingent of riders during BC Bike Race on June 29th.

Thank you to BCBR and the Raven for hosting.  Thank you to Scott Robarts for taking some great pictures.  Thank you to everyone who came out and contributed to the improvements made.


Check out our walk thru with Academy grads to assess the trail and create a work plan.  ASSESSMENT

Check out the awesome photos of the trail day compliments of Scott Robarts (all photos taken by Scott are watermarked-there are additional photos added to this folder).  TRAIL DAY


TAP 2014 Launches!

The NSMBA is proud to announce our list of 2014 Adopters.  Thank you to all of our sponsors this year who are contributing to make the Shore the best place in the world to ride our bikes!  For those about to shovel, we salute you!

Circuit 8 Revitalization Project - Phase I Complete

The NSMBA is pleased to announce the completion of Phase 1 to revitalize the Circuit 8 trail network thanks to support from the Young Foundation.
The restorative work was led by Pat Podolski and Todd "Digger" Fiander and conducted through February & March of this year.  Thanks to the leadership from Mathew Bond, a public trail day was held in March 2014.

The labor intensive work required deep pockets of mud to be removed from low lying areas and raised trail bed created to ensure proper drainage. Much of the erosion on the descent to Fisherman's has been alleviated with realignment at the bottom and restorative work at the top.

Please open the below Impact Report for photos of the restorative work including before/after pics.
Impact Report

Thank you to Pat, Digger & Mathew Bond for their leadership and hard work on this one!



Builder’s Academy travels to Cumberland


Unnecessary Risk vs Inherent Risk.  Photo credit Colin Wilson

On March 4th, NSMBA’s program manager, Mark Wood, left for Cumberland to share some Shore expertise, teaching current techniques to assess, build, and maintain trails through the Builder’s Academy. The following evening, March 5th, the Village of Cumberland and the United Riders of Cumberland (UROC) hosted the first ever Cumberland Trails Forum at the Cumberland Cultural Centre.

2014 TAP Adoptions Open!

2014 Trails Adoptions are open!  

Find out how it works here.  

New trails up for adoption include Forever After, High School League Trail, Sticks & Stones, Dempsey and Roadside Attraction.  These, and many others, need your helping hands.  

Be part of the good work in 2014!
To adopt a trail on the Shore, email


2013 in Review

Photo Credit: Ian Christie, Pure Souls Media
2013 was an incredible year for the NSMBA and the North Shore trails.  In total, the NSMBA now maintains 62.8km of trail on Fromme, Seymour and Seymour Valley.  This work is made possible through permission from the Land Managers and support from our sponsors who are listed on the footer of our website, including our 27 Trail Adopters.  The NSMBA would like to offer our sincere thanks to our sponsors for their gracious support.
Here is a summary of the numbers of people involved and the amount of work accomplished in 2013:
Trail Adoption Plan: 647 volunteers from 27 Community organizations completed 66 TAP trail days in 2013, contributing 4137 hours of work on 19 trails 
Builders Academy: 60 volunteers graduated from the Academy in 2013 and conducted over 300 hours of specialized trail care projects.
Public Trail Days: The NSMBA held 8 trail days in 2013 in which 150+ volunteers conducted over 900 hours of trail work.

2013 North Shore Kick Ass Awards


2013 was an incredible year on the Shore!  

The work accomplished was led by an army of people out in the field, as well as behind the scenes greasing the cogs.  There are a huge number of people to recognize and thank for your efforts.  For those of you who contributed in any way this year, a big thank you is in order.  

There were some exemplary contributers this year.  People who were out at every event, every trail day, going above & beyond to make things happen.  No matter how much was asked, the answer was always yes.  And for those who rose above the challenges and went beyond the call of duty, we recognize your efforts with the first ever, annual North Shore Kick Ass awards.  

The 2013 Kick Ass Awards recipients are:

Mathew Bond
Alaia Alsharif
Carl Moriarty
Dan Lui
Joanne Mayzes
Kevin Nesbitt
Martin Karlsson
Norma Ibarra
John Kearns
Pat Podolski
Rachid Nayel
Lindsay Schramm


All Access MTB Trail Begins

The NSMBA, working collaboratively with the DNV, has begun Phase 1 to create a barrier free All Access MTB trail on Fromme.
The NSMBA would like to thank lululemon for their support and funding for this project.  We would also like to recognize the support from North Shore Bike Shop for their efforts to reroute the mid section of the trail as well as ongoing improvements part of TAP.

"As part of lululemon's  sustainability  initiatives, the metta movement is a program aimed at supporting grassroots community activities that encourage people to live active, healthy lives."

Phase 1 begins with a retro fit of Bobsled.  

Bobsled Restorative Plan

Tara Llanes, a North Vancouver resident who will benefit from barrier free access to trails.
“We serve our community by providing leadership and outstanding services that maintain and enhance the quality of life for residents of today and tomorrow.” – DNV Mission