TAP 2014 Update

Some changes to our 2014 TAP line up.  We welcome Giant Vancouver and Telus to the TAP family!
To date, TAP has accounted for over 50 trail days!
When the rains return, the work will continue into the fall and winter.  
Support those who support the Shore!

MEC Capacity Grant

The NSMBA would like to acknowledge the continued support from MEC with the recent granting of funds to increase our capacity as an organization.  The NSMBA will be using these funds to hire our second employee to focus on administrative tasks to manage the heightened work flow that has increased as our success and growth have flourished.  A portion of these funds will be directed towards partnership development.


Trail Vandalism


There has been an ongoing rash of vandalism over the past few months, particularly on Fromme.  There have been many signs removed and scratched beyond recognition, including the burning of the Expresso sign. The amount of time and effort to identify, print and replace these signs could be better spent working on trails.
There has also been logs strewn on MTB trails-the dangers here are obvious.  

As riders of the Shore, we ask for your help reporting any suspicious activity or trail hazards discovered. If you know the person(s) responsible, please contact us or the local authorities.

Julius Fromme Day 2014

Julius Fromme Day 2014
On July 19th, without much fanfare, the NSMBA celebrated the first annual Julius Fromme Day.  "It was just as Julius would have liked it." Masterminded by NSMBA President Vince Beasse, the event was a celebration of the mountains' namesake while taking a trip back in time to show off those old relics' still alive and kicking.  The bikes that is…not the riders!

TD Friends of the Environment Foundation

The NSMBA would like to thank TD Friends of the Environment Foundation for their continued support of the Trail Adoption Plan through the 2014 season.  Our pursuit of sustainable solutions that lessen our footprint and improve the environment echo the goals of the TD FEF.

Old Buck Improvements Complete

BC Parks work on the Old Buck is now complete.  The goal for this project was to create a sustainable alignment that controls water and minimizes erosion while lessening sustained grade to improve user experience.  The NSMBA would like to offer our voice of support for the work completed to date, including the improvements on the Baden Powell to Dale’s Trail.  Thank you to BC Parks and Rare Earth for your efforts.
Ps-the NSMBA recommends Old Buck be re-named New Buck!


Summit at the summit.  EMBA & NSMBA.
The NSMBA met with Evergreen Mountain Bike Alliance and Whatcom MTB Coalition on July 15th & 16th to share ideas to improve our efforts to grow as an organization and to improve opportunities for our sport.  EMBA is a regional leader in trail development and has created many community programs that promote the sport while fostering a culture of care for the trails.  The WMBC is thriving with an extremely healthy community of builders and riders that are a model for stewardship and a model of a community working together.

Climbing Trails


As the NSMBA works with the Land Managers to create cohesive connections within our inherited network, climbing access is part of this strategy.  

Fromme Parking Lot


The Open House in May was well attended.  Was your voice heard?

A public open house was held this month to outline and solicit input from the community regarding the Fromme parking lot as proposed by the District of North Vancouver.

It was well attended by local residents and to no surprise, continues to be a polarizing topic.

It has been a long standing issue that was the catalyst for the Fromme Mountain Sustainable Trail Use and Classification Plan.