Circuit 8 Revitalization Project - Final Phase


Thanks to support from the Young Family Foundation, the final phase of the Circuit 8 Revitalization is underway led by Digger.  A restorative journey over the past 5 years, the trail will serve beginners and intermediates to take advantage of what is the lowest grade trail zone on the Shore.  The goal is to give an introductory zone to children and beginners in an easy access area that will encourage their participation in the sport of mountain biking and all the positive benefits that go along with it.  The work commencing this March will build upon the work supported by the Yound Foundations in 2014.

BC Gaming Grant

The NSMBA is proud to announce we have received $15,000 thanks to the BC Gaming Grant! Thank you to the Province of BC and to those volunteers who worked diligently as a committee to create and submit the grant proposal.  Here John Kearns, NSMBA Grant Director and Mark Wood, NSMBA Program Manager receive the cheque from local North Shore MLAs Naomi Yamamoto and Jane Thornthwaite. 

2015 TAP Builders

The NSMBA would like to recognize and thank our team of hard working builders.

The NSMBA team of builders are experienced professionals trained to achieve the highest quality of trail building possible while remaining dedicated to a duty of care. Through the Trail Adoption Program (TAP), our builders lead volunteer community groups to make sustainable improvements that respect the environment. The NSMBA meets on site with the Land Manager(s) to engage in a collaborative process to create a trail plan for each trail that will adhere to current best management practices.


Todd Fiander
Patrick Podolski
Martin Newman
Peter Morin
Andrew Teit
Brent Hillier
Sean Gerke
Sven Luebke
Daniel Lui
Earl Allen
Penny Deck
Martin Newman
Trevor Hansen
Tomislav Ferenc
Tom Hudson
Gordon McNaughton
Michael Stormer
Jorn Dettmer
Randy Konrad
Mark Wood

Trail Sabotage on Fromme Mountain


Photo: Mike Wakefield North Shore News 
On Sunday, January 04, 2015 at approximately 5:00 am, acting on video evidence submitted by two members of our mountain biking community, the North Vancouver RCMP arrested a 64 year old female at the head of Quarry Trail on Fromme mountain for allegedly setting up hazardous obstructions, in the form of logs and rocks, on biking trails over a period of several months.

Fromme Update

Fromme Update:


January 10, 2015

The NSMBA has received a request to inform our membership and the North Shore riding community to cease the use of trails above the 7th switchback.

This request has been reached by a collaborative process between the private land owner, the trail maintainer/builder and the NSMBA.


The trails have been deactivated by the builder.

Please respect the request.  Your collaboration and respect of these closures will benefit the community in the long term.

The NSMBA ask that we all consider the future, as you act in the now.  A harmonious balance between these two states will enable the Shore to be a lasting legacy.  

Thank you for your collaboration,


Vince Beasse

NSMBA President




Shore Corps gets busy!

November/December were busy months for the Shore Corps.  Our grads from the Builders Academy become patched members of the Shore Corps and continue their advanced training with specialty projects.  

Forever After
Over the past 6 weeks, the Corps has completed a 20 foot bridge over a wet zone on Forever After.

Academy Climb
In below freezing conditions, the Corps completed the Academy Climb which served as training for the Academy for the past 12 months.  

Finally, a wood structure (the Ogoflowgo) was added on Pennzoil over a severely eroded section giving options to intermediate riders to roll over it or advanced riders to air it out and will complement the new bypass (opening Dec 21) for intermediate riders while the rock roll is still in tact for advanced riders.

The Shore Corps: To Build, Protect & Maintain.

Check out the pics...

TAP 2015 Open for Adoptions


The NSMBA is proud to announce that adoptions are open for 2015.  If your organization is interested in adopting a trail in 2015, please email  To find out more about what it means to adopt a trail, click HERE. To find out more about the Trail Adoption Plan, click HERE.


Seymour River Rockslide Updates



What Happened?

In December 2014, a rockslide occurred in Seymour River Canyon, approximately one kilometre north of Riverside Drive, in the Lower Seymour Conservation Reserve (LSCR). The rockslide, which partially blocked Seymour River, is made up of an estimated 50,000 cubic metres of rock – that’s enough rock to fill a 13-story apartment building. As a result of the blockage the water level upstream increased, flooding area trails and the historic Twin Bridge. For safety purposes, both part of Fisherman’s Trail (from Mystery Creek to the Twin Bridge) and Bottletop Trail were closed and the Twin Bridge was removed.

Where are we Now?

To ensure the network of trails offered in Seymour River Canyon continue to be safe and accessible for recreational users from around the region, Metro Vancouver is in the early stages of gathering input on:

        a new pedestrian bridge across Seymour River

        new trail connections

        operational access to east side of Seymour River

Metro Vancouver recognizes the importance of the impacted trails and is committed to working closely with the community to address concerns, discuss options and identify new opportunities for the LSCR trail network in Seymour River Canyon.

What’s Next?

Metro Vancouver wants to hear from you. In June 2015, Metro Vancouver is hosting a public meeting to discuss progress, gather input, listen to feedback and answer questions. Please join us:

Date: Wednesday, June 24, 2015

Time: 6:30 – 9:00 pm

Location: North Shore Ballroom

Holiday Inn & Suites North Vancouver

700 Old Lillooet Road, North Vancouver, BC

RSVP: If you are interested in attending, please visit to register or call Metro Vancouver’s Information Centre at 604-432-6200.


For More Information

Visit: the Lower Seymour Conservation Reserve web page

Call: Your Community Liaison Officer at 604-436-6986

Email: with the subject line “Seymour River Canyon” to sign up for e-updates.