Fromme Update - Bobsled Progress

Its a new era! NSMBA Directors Wade Simmons & Adam Walsh (far left/right) have a group hug with the DNV Trail Crew, Alex Walton and Amanda Turner.

Progress on Bobsled is moving forward at a rapid rate.  The DNV trail crew is on target for a projectected completion end of August.  Owen Thomas, DNV Head Trailbuilder, has been using the excavator to remove organic material exposing a trail of gold that now spans nearly a full kilometer.  

Fromme Update

First Ever Machine Built Bike Trail Begins on Fromme!

Owen Thomas, head trail builder of the DNV crew, begins to sculpt the new Bobsled!

Bobsled on Fromme has been closed as the new line has begun to be built.  Work began this Thursday as the DNV Work crew broke ground.  With an average grade of 10%, it is going to be a trail for beginners, with enough flow and bermage for advanced riders to enjoy as well.  Estimated time of completion is end of August.  It is a monumental time in the history of Fromme as the DNV ushers in a new era.  As the plan to create a trail system for the community moves forward, this is the beginning of great things to come.   Comparable in principle to Half Nelson in Squamish, it is a project that will be another positive step forward for the community and also creates tourism opportunities by creating a trail for all levels of rider.

Wade Simmons, NSMBA Trail Ambassador & Owen Thomas, head DNV trailbuilder, discuss berms, flow and trails for all!

Sticks & Stones

Bridle Path Renewal Project Final Report

The NSMBA is happy to report that the Bridle Path Renewal project has been completed. The project has been a resounding success and has directly addressed the interests of outdoor enthusiasts from across the Metro Vancouver region. The Bridle Path was originally used by horses to traverse the lower slope of Mt. Seymour and later on logging companies used parts of the trail. It is one of the most popular trails on the North Shore for dog walkers, hikers, trail runners and mountain bikers. The original trail was built without regard for long-term sustainability or the management of large numbers of trail users from diverse user groups. As such the trail has suffered from erosion and devegetation caused by the combination of heavy traffic and unsustainable trail alignment.

Fromme Update

July 9, 2010

A quick update from the NSMBA executive and trail team. This week the District of North Vancouver trail crew have been working in the area of Pink Starfish, Jerry Rig, Air Supply and other areas on Fromme.  If you have been riding on Fromme early this week you may have noticed new signage and work going on in these areas. We are releasing this information to bring all riders and NSMBA members up to date regarding the latest news on Fromme.   

Wade Simmons New NSMBA Trail Ambassador

The NSMBA is proud to welcome Wade Simmons to the Board of Directors as the new Trail Ambassador. 

Wade has travelled the globe, riding trails around the world for the last fifteen years.  As a dedicated rider who likes to climb as much as descend, he has a well-rounded experience of XC, AM & DH flow. 

Wade & trail builder Matt Preston discuss how to incorporate flow into trails that appeal to all levels of rider.

Trail Etiquette

Milennium TreeThe seven commandments of trail riding:

  1. Ride on open trails only.
  2. Respect other trail users.
  3. Respect the environment.
  4. Always stay on the trail.
  5. Ride don't slide.
  6. Pack it out.
  7. Know your limits.

Trail Karma

Words by Chris Barker                                                                                             Photos by Dieter Bahr

It’s always satisfying to see good things happen to good people. Come to 3 NSMBA trail days and you’re entered in a draw to win big…. REALLY BIG, as Dale Nagata found out. Knolly Bikes stepped up again in 2008 donating one of the sweetest and most drooled over frames out there - the Delirium-T.

 Complete with drool-proof anodized paint

Dale wasn’t actually able to make it to the AGM, ironic because he was the only volunteer to show up to every trail day the NSMBA held in 2008! When Dale’s name was randomly drawn, the question was briefly raised – should we draw again to pick someone who’s at the AGM tonight?As much as every person there had been anxiously waiting to hear their name called in the draw only moments before, this notion was quickly stomped to the ground with the feeling only likened to casing a 30 foot gap. A resounding NO! erupted from everyone in the room who knows Dale and how committed he is to keeping the North Shore trails flowing. What a great feeling of community & pride!