Trail Days

CBC Trail Day - All Sponsors - June 7, 2009

Words by Rhonna Gurevich

Photos by Dan K Lui, Stephen McCabe and Rhonna Gurevich as noted.

This past weekend marked the date of the 4th and largest NSMBA trail day of the season. Over 120 people showed up to buff CBC, arguably the North Shore’s most popular mountain biking trail.

This was an All-Sponsors trail day supported by the who’s who of the local mountain biking community.

Photo ~ Rhonna Gurevich
 Photo ~ Rhonna Gurevich

Bunnies and Builders work on Slash

Building BridgesOn Saturday, May 2nd, members of the NSMBA Trail Team teamed up with the Muddbunnies to revamp a section of Slash.  We polished off two sweet sections, including rockwork and woodwork, in only 4 hours!

It was great to have such a dedicated an enthusiastic group giving us a hand on the trails. We're excited to see our newly minted "Bunny Builders" putting their new skills to work at our next trail day. Thanks a lo Bunnies! 

Check out the complete story on the Muddbunnies website.

Crinkum Crankum Trail Day - May 10, 2009


On Sunday May 10, the NSMBA with sponsors Steed Cycles & Kintec Footlabs hosted the 3rd trail day of the season on Crinkum Crankum, a classic Fromme trail. Rated as an Intermediate to Advanced trail, it sees a lot of riders who continue on from 7th Secret trail, and then carry on to the Griffin trail which was the lucky recipient of our last trail day.


Photo - Graham Archer 

Griffen Trail Day - April 26, 2009

Words by Rhonna Gurevich                                        Photos by Jordan Silver                             

On Sunday April 26, NSMBA hosted the second trail day of the season. Originally scheduled for Pink Starfish, lingering snow meant the trail day needed to be moved to one of the lower Fromme trails.

And what better choice than Griffin! As an intermediate trail located below the first switch-back, many new riders have honed their skills on Griffin. It is also the main exit trail for riders coming off of Crinkum Crankum, as well as a popular walking trail used by residents and hikers. Fifty-nine volunteers came out and significanly improved this popular North Shore Trail.

It was clear that Spring has finally sprung, and we were treated to a warm sunny day, perfect for spending time in the forest!

Volunteers met at Upper Lynn Elementary school to be shuttled to the trail head by Dan in the On Top Bikes van. Fresh Coffee from Bean Around The World at Lonsdale Quay got everyone perked up and ready to work!

Empress Bypass Trail Day - April 5, 2009

Words by Rhonna Gurevich.                                                                        Photos by Jenny Lee Silver 

(Click here for the full collection of photos) 

The 1st NSMBA trail day for 2009 was held on Empress Bypass on Sunday April 5. If the weather is any indication of things to come, the 2009 riding season is shaping up to be far better than the 2008/09 ski season was! 

Empress Bypass is a unique trail deserving of a short history lesson. So bear with us!


In 1997 BC Parks mandated the closure of all mountain bike trails; only sustainable, multi-use trails were to be maintained. In response, the Empress Trail, which at the time ran through BC Parks land, was re-routed through the District of North Vancouver (DNV) as part of the Northlands Golf Course Perimeter trail. 

In 2003, construction of a small housing subdivision meant it was necessary to re-route a section of the Perimeter Trail. To accommodate users that access the lower Seymour trails, a new multi-use trail running through DNV and BC Parks land was proposed. The trail would exit onto the Old Buck Trail near the parking lot at the corner of Anne McDonald Way and Mt. Seymour Road.

2009 Trail Days

Here's what you've all been waiting for. The dates are set for everyone's favourite event, NSMBA Trail Days. A huge thank you goes out to all our returning sponsors, and a warm welcome to all the new ones as well!