Trail Days

Bobsled Naturalization

Ferns, shrubs and saplings planted throughout...

Everyone was stoked, despite the rain!

It was a wet and wonderful day on Fromme as an army of volunteers donned rain gear to naturalize the Shore’s newest trail, Bobsled, by planting a number of plants and trees alongside the trail today.  Young cedars, pines and maples now adorn the trailside while ferns, and indigenous shrubs will shore up the backside of berms and other necessary areas along the trails’ edge.  The wet weather was ideal for planting. 

Volunteers complete trail work on Pre-Reaper

On Saturday, August 21st, we achieved a huge milestone during the Pre-Reaper Trail Day .

It was an incredible team of volunteers that came. Everyone found a role and kept the work flowing. Matt built the cribbing as fast as we could bring the logs in. The crush came in as fast as we could spike the geo into the cribbing, sometimes faster! This was the most productive crew we've had. Thanks to their hard work, the new, sustainable trail is now open from end to end.

Thanks go to Whole Foods for a truly awesome lunch and to Robin for arranging their support. Thanks also to Different Bikes, Lonsdale Quay Bean Around The World, and West Van Parks for their ongoing support. Thanks also to Mike and Roger for all the crush they hauled in between trail days. Amazing work! Finally, an enormous thank you to Alan Bardsley for the years of work he's put into spearheading the work on this trail!

If you like the way Bobsled is shaping up, why not get your hands dirty?

With the machine work almost complete, it's your turn to get out the rake and help finish Fromme's newest trail! The NSMBA is teaming up with Owen and the rest of the DNV crew all this week to complete naturalization work on the trail and have it open by the end of August. Work will be mostly light duty raking and shaping! The following volunteer sessions are available:

Tuesday, August 10th 9am-12pm 12:30pm-3:30pm
Wednesday, August 11th 9am-12pm 12:30pm-3:30pm
Thursday, August 12th 9am-12pm 12:30pm-3:30pm
Friday, August 13th 9am-12pm 12:30pm-3:30pm

We're putting a limit of 5 volunteers per session to keep this manageable, so please contact us if you can make it!

A Great Day on Pre-Reaper!

Awesome work on Saturday! Another 20 m of fun, flowy trail built plus enough logs were brought in to get almost all the way to the bridge. The end is in sight!


Inter River Park Work Days - POSTPONED


Ever wondered how to build that perfect lip that doesn’t kink? Learn to build DJ’s from one of the best crews in the business, Hoots Inc. With the BMX track getting a face lift, we’ll be grooming the jumps so the dirt don’t hurt! Registration is free, but limited to eight per session so sign up quick!

Working on the trails with the High School Mountain Bike League

Camp Brick PuddleOn Wednesday April 7th, volunteers from the NSMBA assisted in coordinating a trail day for the High School Mountain Bike League. Staff from Metro Vancouver, students in the Cap U Outdoor Recreation Management Program, volunteers from the NSMBA trail team and of course the students, parents and teachers all made this day a great success. Work was completed on the Camp Brick/Richard Juryn, Hyannis and Blair Range courses. A parallel trail day was held on the Sunshine Coast by Ephinstone Secondary.

The weather was terrible, but we were able to complete most of the work without sinking too deeply in the mud!

We'd like to thank Wendy for wrangling up the high school crew, Heidi and the rest of the Metro Van staff for facilitating in Camp Brick/Richard Juryn, and Greig, Kris and Craig for bringing out the team from Cap U. Darryl and Randy from our trail team both volunteered extra time on a weekday afternoon to lead the crews at Hyannis. This day would not have been such a success without the dedicated efforts of these people.

We were all working too hard to take any pictures of all the students happily working away in the pouring rain and mud, but read on for more details of the improvements, including before and after photos.

If you want to see more work like this, make sure to join and donate to the NSMBA to show your support!

2010 Trail Days Coming Soon

2010 Trail Day Dates To Be Announced Soon!

The North Shore trails by nature need a lot of maintenance. Come help us maintain and improve our amazing  network of trails.

Trail days happen one Sunday every month from 9AM - 5PM. There are lots of good times and swag from our sponsors to be had. Trail days are definitely not a testosterone charged, chest beating contest to see who can lift the biggest rock.  There is a huge range of people that come out and the atmosphere is extremely supportive of everyone. Several veteran builders are on hand to give pointers on... well... building!

The NSMBA provides the tools and the sponsors provide the lunch. Most people who come out find building just as rewarding as riding, and there's fewer things more satisfying than riding a section of trail that you personally worked on.

On the side bar menu to the left you will find links to get information on trail days. All trail day summaries for previous years, including photos and descriptions of the work are also on that menu.

Dirty Diapers Trail Day - July 19, 2009

Words by Mathew Bond           Photos by Jenny Lee-Silver

For those of you that are thinking, "Hey! I thought this was supposed to be a Ned's Trail Day! Ned's is my favourite trail! I wanted to build some sick berms!" I guess we owe you a bit of an explanation.

Dirty Diapers
The entrance to Dirty Diapers is off the Cabin Trail 

In the middle of winter, when most riders are pulling chunks of mud out from between their teeth after a cold ride through sticky sludge, the NSMBA Trails team sits down over a couple of beers and plans out where our trail days are going to be for the coming year. While some may think that selecting dates and locations is a simple as opening a map, closing your eyes, and placing your finger randomly on a trail, the truth is that a lot of thought and hard work go into this process. Dates are carefully selected to avoid holidays and major community events. Trails are even more carefully selected, based on an evaluation of the trails condition (structures, trail surface, erosion), maintenance activity, level of use, and consultation with the land managers.

Bobsled Trail Day - June 28, 2009

Words ~  Rhonna Gurevich                         Photos ~ Jenny Lee Silver

Sunday June 28, 2009 was a busy day for mountain biking in BC;

  • The BC Cup Cardiac Classic XC race was held on Burnaby Mtn,
  • The BC Cup Mad Trapper DH race was on in Panorama,
  • The BC Bike Race kicked off Day 1 of the 7 day stage race on the North Shore Mountains, 
  • And last but not least, the NSMBA held its 5th trail day of the season!

This trail day was sponsored by the Muddbunnies Riding club and RaceFace. All efforts were put towards revitalizing Bobsled on Fromme Mountain.