Trail Days

September 23, 2011 - Deloitte Impact Day on Dreamweaver

The Deloitte team after a hard days work

On Friday, September 23rd, NSMBA President and Acting Trail Director Mathew Bond (that's me) led a crew of 20 volunteers from Deloitte up to Dreamweaver.

This is the fourth year in a row that Deloitte has supported the NSMBA's trail maintenance efforts with their Impact Day program. Every September, employees from Deloitte spend a day volunteering their time in the community, and what better way to spend the day than trail building!

September 18, 2011 - CBC Trail Day Report

Thanks to the small crew that came out on a rainy Saturday to clear all the drains on CBC in preparation for the fall. Fueled up with coffee from Bean Around the World - Lonsdale Quay, and fed by John Henry Bikes, everyone in the crew was happy to be out on the trail.

A huge thanks to our trail leaders, Jeremy Power and Sean Gerke for prepping materials on the trail.

Next trail day is coming up on October 16th on Dreamweaver. Details to be posted soon!

NSMBA Power Weekend - September 17th and 18th

Join the NSMBA this upcoming weekend for two days of fun on the trails!

On Saturday, September 17th join us on Fromme for the LAST toonie of 2011!!  Dress like it's the 80s and blind the competition into falling behind! 

Registration will be at the water towers, but we've decided on not timing the climb for this one, so the race will start at 10am from Mountain Highway at Jerry Rig.   From there, down Executioner, Dreamweaver, Dempsey back up to Baden Powell, and then up the Baden Powell to the water towers, where the race ends.

Apres localtion to be confirmed and announced later on.

It's not too late to volunteer!  Especially if you're a first aid person!  Email to help out.






Then on Sunday, September 18th, hop over to Seymour to give one of the most ridden trails on the Shore some love. We'll meet at 8:45am at Parkgate Mall to meet your trail day leaders and start shuttles up the trail. Lunch will be provided by John Henry Bikes.


Summertime Gold on Corkscrew

Massive efforts by Bank of Montreal over two successive trail days sees the formalizing of two significant reroutes and several improvements to the sustainability of Corkscrew trail on Seymour Mountain. 

July 17 BMO Crew

July 10 BMO Crew with guest TM Daniel Lui and support from Carlos & Brett from Metro Vancouver.  Absent from the pic but eager participants in the days work were Todd 'Digger' Fiander & Owen Thomas, Head DNV Trail Builder.

This is the inaugural year of the NSMBA Trail Adoption Program and BMO is the only non-mountain biking organization out of the 7 Adopters to participate!   We have organized 4 productive trail maintenance days this summer, where BMO employees have worked along side community members and an NSMBA Trail Maintainer  to repair “Corkscrew”, one of North Vancouver’s most popular mountain biking trails.  We hope to build on this momentum with 2 more trail days in the fall and hopefully similar activities next summer. 

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Tap Progress Report

The NSMBA is proud to announce the new Trail Adoption Plan is up and running.  “The Eagle is flying,” says Wade Simmons, NSMBA Trail Ambassador. Recent work has begun on Bottletop and Circuit 8, with more trail days coming this month on Pangor, Boogieman, Corkscrew and Dale’s Trail. 

Upper Griffen Gets a Re-Route

Photos by Andy Rogers and Jaclyn Delacroix

There are certain elements that, when appropriately combined in the right quantities, make a day spent building trails extraordinary. Waking up early Sunday morning and making my way over to the North Shore, I had a feeling today might be one of those days. The clear skies overnight had left a chill in the air as I parked at the staging area, waiting for the first volunteers to arrive.

The Tools of The Trade

The tools of the trade

Cool and dry weather are one of those elements that make for a great day of building. While the volunteers warmed up with coffee from Bean Around the World at Lonsdale Quay, Eamonn from Green Coast Rubbish and Johnny from On Top Bike Shop rolled up and started shuttling people up to the trail head. As people were signing in, I recognized the faces of seasoned and experienced trail day volunteers, but also the enthusiastic and energetic faces of those for whom today was their first trail day experience. I was impressed, as the second critical element for a superb day was being fulfilled: A mix of skilled volunteers who know exactly what needs to be done, and excited but naive newbies who have no idea how much work they are about to do.

Circuit 8 trail day

Thanks to the North Shore Bike Fest, Metro Vancouver and the 14 people who came out to work on the bottom section of Circuit 8 trail!

Kudo's to Dan and Pete from Ticket 2 Ride who came down from Whistler for a morning of trail work. They've never even ridden this trail!

This is an area we would like to see cater to more cross country style riding. A very old trail, the Circuit 8 network has seen some work on the top section by Metro Vancouver. We decided to work on the bottom section to fill in some large ruts and make the trail more in character with the upper section.

Thanks to Metro Vancouver for two workers - Carlos and Kristian - and lunch! 

Pangor Trail Day Sunday October 17th

photos by Vanessa Carrington

On Sunday October 17th, the second general trail day on Pangor saw some spectacular results.  Nearly 50 volunteers were on hand at 9am for coffee and muffins supplied by our friends at Different Bikes and Bean Around the World coffee.  CCN and Race Face were both on hand to help with the efforts on the trail showing their support.

Dieter Bahr, Sean Gurke, Peter Morin, Todd Fiander (Digger!) Darryl Marlatt and Daniel Lui led crews to repair erosion, disperse water, as well as slat and string structures in ill repair. 

Pangor Trail Work Oct 9

It was a great turnout to day by a crew of hardworking Shore lovers who put in plenty of effort hoisting logs, cutting slats and nailing stringers to improve the ladder bridges on Pangor.

Lots of progress was made today removing rotten sections and replacing them.  Its a great start, but there's still lots of work to do on our next trail day on Oct 17th.  We hope you can make it out to help with the revitalization of Pangor.

A big thanks to Rob Hlus, Chris Barker and Matt Preston who took the lead on the projects and guided the crews. 

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