Trail Days

Circuit 8 Revitalization Project - Phase I Complete

The NSMBA is pleased to announce the completion of Phase 1 to revitalize the Circuit 8 trail network thanks to support from the Young Foundation.
The restorative work was led by Pat Podolski and Todd "Digger" Fiander and conducted through February & March of this year.  Thanks to the leadership from Mathew Bond, a public trail day was held in March 2014.

The labor intensive work required deep pockets of mud to be removed from low lying areas and raised trail bed created to ensure proper drainage. Much of the erosion on the descent to Fisherman's has been alleviated with realignment at the bottom and restorative work at the top.

Please open the below Impact Report for photos of the restorative work including before/after pics.
Impact Report

Thank you to Pat, Digger & Mathew Bond for their leadership and hard work on this one!



Forever After Trail Day - April 5th

Public Trail Day on Forever After on April 5th thanks to BC Bike Race!
8:30am meet at Hyannis.
Please bring water, proper footwear, gloves & personal snacks.

Lunch afterwards provided by BCBR & the Raven Pub in Deep Cove (beer & burger).


March 9th, 2014 - Circuit 8 Trail Day Complete!

After a stunning downpour on Saturday, the skies parted and provided a beautiful misty Sunday morning to greet our volunteers for the first NSMBA trail day of 2014.

Rising early for trail day preparations

The trail day leaders, Pat, Digger and I, met a core group of 20 volunteers at Rice Lake Gate. It was awesome to see a strong showing of trail runners out to help (including Peter Watson from North Shore Athletics), especially after suffering through the Dirty Duo the day before. By 9am, everyone was itching to get out on the trail. After a quick effort to hump the massive lunch, gear and tools from the road into the trail, the digging began!

March 9th, 2014 - Circuit 8 Trail Day

Join us for our first public trail day of 2014. We're continuing the great work completed in 2012 and 2013 by BC Bike Race and ADERA, with the goal of "bringing the single-track back" to Circuit-8.

Meet us a 9am at the LSCR Upper Parking Lot at the end of Lilooet Road where shuttles will be provided as well as lunch by our super-generous sponsors.

All we need is your muscle and good banter. It will be a fantastic day on a fantastic trail, so come and be a part of the solution.

We'll supply the tools, but we recommended you dress for the weather and working outdoors. Long pants, long Sleeves, sturdy boots or shoes, work gloves (gardening gloves w/ a good grip work well) will keep your comfortable. Bring water and a snack too!

Brad and Kevlar parting the seas of Circuit 8 . . .




Richard Juryn Trail Day

Norco John Henry Bikes had their best turnout ever with 16 people coming to do much needed work on a particularly poorly aligned corner on the Richard Juryn Trail.  Led by Jaclyn Delacroix the NJHB crew completely rebuilt it.  If you’ve ever been on the trail you know the corner we are talking about!  Years of accumulated organic material and what appears to be previous attempts to fix the corner with sticks and the occasional partially rotted log had done nothing but create an area that caught and retained water.

October 5th, 2013 - Circuit 8 TAP Trail Day

I woke up to a clear and cool morning on Saturday for my first TAP Trail Day on Circuit 8, with volunteers from BC Bike Race and Adera. The torch for this trail has been passed on to me from Matt Preston, a long time builder on the Shore and famous for his work on the Bridle Path, Sticks & Stones, and Slippery Salamander. Matt has been plugging away at Circuit 8 now for a couple of years, but his education and career has him on a stint up north for a couple years. Thanks for all your work over the years Matt, we'll make sure to work twice as hard until you get back!

Matt Preston on Forever After

Circuit 8 is a trail that's tucked away in the LSCR, about a mile up the paved path. Being a bit out of the way, not many people get up to it but it's a funky little loop, and can be a good 20 minute ride when you line up every part of it. I'll add it into my ride every once and a while, when I head over from Lynn Valley to ride the Seymour trails.

The vision for all the work on Circuit 8 over the past few years has been to "bring the singletrack back". Sections of the trail get really boggy in the wet, and over time the trail has gotton wider and wider as people try to avoid the puddles.

Bottletop Evening Trail Maintenance Wednesday, August 8th at 6pm

Bottletop is just about perfect this time of year thanks to the work that Different Bikes and NS Ride did last year for TAP 2011, led by Daniel Lui and Darryl Marlatt TAP build leaders.

The final traverse on Bottletop is littered with pebbles and baby heads, with a thin track winding through it.

We'll need a couple hours with a small crew to rake out the last steep section.  Anybody is welcome to come lend a hand.

Meeting time is 6pm on the trail, Wednesday August 8th. Meet at the bottom of the trail on Fisherman's at Twin Bridges and we will walk up from there. 

October 16th, 2011 - Dreamweaver Trail Day

Join us on Sunday, October 16th as we breathe new life into a well loved and well used trail. With the recent work on Executioner, the section of Dreamweaver between Baden Powell and Saint Marys has been taking a beating. Help us solve the ongoing erosion issues and make this trail super fun to ride!

Date: Sunday, October 16th, 2011

Time: 9:00am - 4:00pm

Location: Meet @ 8:45am at the Upper Lynn Elementary School for coffee and shuttles to the trail head.

Sponsored by Lynn Valley Bikes.

Boogieman Trail Day #4 - Steed Cycles - Final Day!!!

Sunday September 11th brought the fourth and final trail day on Boogieman for the 2011 season. Backed by Steed Cycles and Giant Bicycle Canada, local builder Sean Gerke took on the task of maintaining Boogieman through the NSMBA Trail Adoption Program, and has since hosted four trail days mostly oriented around repairing structures which are on the verge of failing. This trail day’s goal was to replace two bridges after the swamp log which were beginning to rot, not to mention they were bad news in the wet.  


 Here's our project for the day (taken in the rain for dramatic effect)