Trail Days

October 2016 Trail Update

On September 24th the NSMBA held a Community Trail Day on Lower Expresso. Over 50 volunteers attended the event and thanks to leadership from the Shore Corps members Robin Donovan, Sean Brassil, Oscar Gomez, Tom Hudson, Alex Lamarre, Gordon McNaughton & Rick Boles, approximately 100m of trail was constructed.  A big thanks to our sponsors Santa Cruz Bicycles, Steed Cycles and Sacre – Davey who kept the troops fuelled and gave some nice gifts to the build leaders. Thanks to all of you who made it out to help with the construction of this new trail.

Fall Trail Report

The NSMBA Trail Crew have been hard at it all summer to make our trails the best they can be.  As of late, Pangor has seen a ton of new wood, Digger is hard at it on Ladies Only and if we add to that the recent work on Upper Oilcan, Pingu, Corkscrew, Pennzoil and 7th Secret things are really coming together.  As promised at the Spring Town Hall meeting, thanks to the hard work in our community by the many builders and our TAP sponsors, we are now adding some bells & whistles to many trails now that most of the heavy lifting has been done.  Look for the trail crew to continue work on Crinkum Crankum to replace expired structures later this month. A big thanks to Digger, Pat Podolski, Sean Gerke and our summer student Lea Zhecheva for taking on the lion's share of the new woodwork. TAP is underway again with the return of moisture. Continued efforts of our TAP build leaders keep the momentum going into the Fall and of course, the NSMBA recognizes and supports those who wish to work independently on trails with Land Manager permission.


Our Family & Youth Day on Empress Bypass saw a great turnout!

Dale’s Public Trail Day May 30th

A big thank you to Norco John Henry Bikes and all the volunteers who gave up a sunny Saturday of riding to give back to the trails they love!

More than thirty turned out for this public trail day to get their hands dirty. Work focussed on water management through the switchbacks that bypass the signature rock face and on the lower section of trail just above the exit to the power lines. Several grade reversals were built to direct water off the trail, while other sections were raked and topped up with gold, also to facilitate water dispersal.


Spring Trail Update

TAP 2015 is in full swing and work has begun on nearly 30 different trails on Fromme & Seymour.  With nearly 20 lead builders and 30 adopters, the program is stronger than ever.  As we catch up on deferred maintenance, the window of neglect is slowly closing giving us the opportunity to put the icing on the cake on many trails.  2015 is shaping up to be our best year yet!  Thank you to all of you who are part of the efforts.

Team Arc'teryx continue their improvements on Dreamweaver as part of TAP, now into year 4.

Forever After Trail Day Report


On April 5th, BC Bike Race hosted the NSMBA Trail Day on Forever After.  Over 50 people attended and the after party was hosted at the Raven Neighbourhood Pub in Deep Cove with free beer & burgers for all the volunteers!

Much work was needed to repair the trail that was ridden hard all winter and saw thousands of tire tracks.  Much of the old sections of trail was duff which absorbs moisture and becomes mud with user impact.  After removing the organic, the trail bed was rebuilt using mineral dirt and proper drainage was implemented to ensure water now runs off the trail rather than along its course.

Thanks to trail day leaders and Academy grads for their leadership: Kevin Nesbitt, Rick Boles, Conor McGinn, Tomislav Ferenc, Tom Hudson, Alaia Alshariff and Carl Moriarty.  The work is a signficant improvement and will ensure the trail is in top condition to host an international contingent of riders during BC Bike Race on June 29th.

Thank you to BCBR and the Raven for hosting.  Thank you to Scott Robarts for taking some great pictures.  Thank you to everyone who came out and contributed to the improvements made.


Check out our walk thru with Academy grads to assess the trail and create a work plan.  ASSESSMENT

Check out the awesome photos of the trail day compliments of Scott Robarts (all photos taken by Scott are watermarked-there are additional photos added to this folder).  TRAIL DAY