2016 Cypress Update from Alan Bardsley

Read the latest from the District of West Vancouver and British Pacific Properties on the current state of the development vision for Cypress Village. Thank you to Alan Bardsley for his commitment to keeping the mountain biking community informed.

CMHC Update



Update: October 28, 2016

via Jane Thornthwaite, MLA North Vancouver Seymour

CMHC and the Province are prepared, as co-owners, to permit reasonable and responsible recreational use of the property. Users are reminded that persons entering this land do so entirely at their own risk, and that the owners are not responsible for any damage or loss to property, or personal injury.

Going forward, CMHC and the Province will work closely together to consider the management of appropriate recreational usages of the property.

Thank you again for your patience!

October 2016 Trail Update

On September 24th the NSMBA held a Community Trail Day on Lower Expresso. Over 50 volunteers attended the event and thanks to leadership from the Shore Corps members Robin Donovan, Sean Brassil, Oscar Gomez, Tom Hudson, Alex Lamarre, Gordon McNaughton & Rick Boles, approximately 100m of trail was constructed.  A big thanks to our sponsors Santa Cruz Bicycles, Steed Cycles and Sacre – Davey who kept the troops fuelled and gave some nice gifts to the build leaders. Thanks to all of you who made it out to help with the construction of this new trail.

September 2016 Trail Update

The trail crew sat down this past month to prioritize a few trails and plan for upcoming Trail Days and work for the Fall. Ladies & Lower Ladies (Big ups to North Shore Bike Shop) has been given lots of love and Digger is in his final of weeks completing his master vision for the trail.

Expect the love to continue on Floppy Bunny (Thank you Sombrio) in October as Pat returns to this trail to continue the dirt work. Roadside Attraction (TAP’d by Giant Canada) will continue the great work started on this trail with the kids  in mind and the crew will be working to clean up the end of this trail.

How to help a Trail Builder

Here on the North Shore, we’re very lucky to have world renowned mountain bike trails in our backyard, and even luckier to have dedicated trail builders that put their sweat and soul into caring for them. With 315 trails covering 253 km, that’s a lot of work to maintain – whether it’s clearing drains, topping up the trail bed with gold, re-routing to create a more sustainable line, or re-building rotting woodwork.