NSMBA announces new advanced trail on Mt. Seymour

The NSMBA, in partnership with Metro Vancouver LSCR, is pleased to officially announce the construction of a new advanced all-mountain trail on Mt. Seymour. The new, as yet unamed trail, will link the bottom of Dale's trail with the Bridle Path.

Construction on the approximately two kilometer long trail has now completed, and the NSMBA will be hosting an official opening event on Friday, July 26th. Starting at 6pm, riders will leave the Old Buck parking lot, and climb the Old Buck and Baden Powell trails to the start of Dale's. After descending Dale's, the trail will be christened with its new name and riders will be treated to a fun, social ride down the new trail. Apres will follow at Seymour's Pub at 8pm.

As an NSMBA member you are elgible to take part in the naming of the new trail, this is a unique opportunity to coin a piece of the North Shore. From now until July 17th, submit your idea for a trail name to A select panel of judges will select the three best names, which will then be put to a vote. Public voting will be open from July 20th-25th with the winning name being announced at the opening event on July 26th.

Not an NSMBA member? Please become a supporter and help us continue our mission of providing great trails to the people of the North Shore.

We would like to sincerely thank Metro Vancouver LSCR for the enormous amount of support they provided towards the completion of this trail, those who donated to the NSMBA Trails Forever fund, and our dedicated trail builders and Program Manager for making this project a reality.

High School League Trail Project - Phase 2 starting mid-July

The NSMBA and Metro Vancouver are pleased to announce the completion of Phase 1 of the North Shore High School League trail project thanks to funding from Deloitte.  The second phase of the project has received funding and work will begin mid-July. We would like to thank all those who donated to the Trails Forever Campaign, which has allowed us to move forward with Phase 2 which will complete this project, fulfilling the goals of creating an encouraging opportunity for our community youth, the North Shore High School League and individuals new to the sport of mountain biking.


The goal of the project is to create a directional, beginner level trail loop in the Hyannis area. As a beginner loop, the course will be a shared community asset and welcome addition to a challenging trail network.

A Community Driven Model for Sustainable Trail Maintenance

The NSMBA has created a plan to care for our trails.

We present this plan  to DNV Council on Sept 17.

The objective of this plan, "A Community Driven Model for Sustainable Trail Maintenance", is to provide a structured and formal program of trail maintenance for our mountain trails.  We believe a maintenance plan is integral in creating a sustainable future.

At 7:00pm on Monday, September 17th, Mathew Bond and Mark Wood of the NSMBA will be presenting this plan to  District of North Vancouver council at 355 West Queens Road in North Vancouver  to seek support through funding and partnership. Please join us at council chambers to voice your support.  There is opportunity for Public Input as part of the agenda.  Arrive early, sign up at 6:30pm for a 2 minute time slot  to ensure your voice is heard.

Ongoing funding for trail maintenance is the first step in securing a world-class trail network for today and into our future.

Please sign our petition to show your support. If you are a District of North Vancouver resident, a hard copy of the petition will soon be available in your local bike shop.

Your support needed for challenging trails on Cypress

The West Vancouver Parks Master Plan will shape the use of parks and open space in West Vancouver for the next 30 years. The language in the current document does not provide protection to the unique, technically challenging nature of the mountain bike trails on Cypress.

A public open house is being held, and the NSMBA is requesting your attendance to convey a strong message to West Vancouver that mountain bikers value the current riding experience that Cypress provides, and want to see that experience protected.

Date: Tuesday, March 6th

Time: 5:00pm - 8:00pm

Location: West Vancouver Community Centre, 2121 Marine Drive

Follow this link for more information, and to join the discussion.

NSMBA Presents Builder's Academy to North Shore Land Managers

This Feb 20th, the NSMBA's Program Manager Mark Wood presented the Builder's Academy to the key North Shore Land Managers at BC Parks HQ.  The DNV, BC Parks and Metro Vancouver attended the one and a half hour course followed by a walk thru on Corkscrew to see the building fundamentals implemented in practical use.  It was another positive step forward in relationship building with the Land Managers. 

The Builder's Academy has been approved and will begin in April this year.  Stand by for dates and an official release.  The Builder's Academy is a curriculum built on IMBA & Whistler guidelines, TAP and utilizing the knowledge and experience of Master Builders. 


DNV Parks and Open Space Strategic Plan - Comments Required

The District of North Vancouver has issued the Draft Report for the Parks and Open Space Strategic Plan. This document will guide the planning, use, and funding of parks and open space for the next ten years.

An interesting excerpt from the document: "North Vancouver residents place the highest priority on maintaining greenways, trails and bike paths."

Comments are open until January 27th. As users of trails and open space, it is important for mountain bikers to be aware of the proposed plans. The NSMBA has highlighted specific sections below that are of high importance to mountain bikers.

The Future of DNV Open Space - Your Input Needed!

On Thursday. May 20th, NSMBA President Mathew Bond attended the second session of the DNV’s Parks and Open Space plan. The DNV has collated and analyzed all the data from the first workshop on September 28th 2009, and is looking for feedback.

Please review the details of the DNV’s summary here, and provide comments to DNV Planner Carolyn Girard. Some specific recommendations to think about: