Dear members and trail users,


As you may have heard, the NSMBA recently launched the Watchmen program. Inspired by the spirit of the Watchmen of the Haida Gwaii, the North Shore Watchmen were meant to be the caretakers of our trails. Unfortunately the rollout was not successful and we find ourselves with a valuable program that was the victim of a poor execution.  Due to perception issues, and feedback from our community, the NSMBA has discontinued the Watchmen program, name and branding. The decision was not taken lightly; it was taken in consideration of the feedback we received from the community.


Legacy Fund Complete

The NSMBA is proud to announce that we have reached our $15,000 goal, which will be matched for a total of $30,000 going back into the trails. We are grateful for your contribution and support as it allows us to continue to make improvements and expand our existing network for the community.

Renew Your Membership Today!

It’s that time of year again to renew your NSMBA membership.

Not only does your membership contribute to maintaining and building the world-class trail network on Fromme and Seymour, but it also gets you access to our race series, early access to the NSMBA Gear Swap, access to our wicked social events and more! With your membership you are helping to build a stronger voice for mountain bikers and trails users on the Shore.

2014 memberships expire February 28th, 2015 so renew today!

TAP 2015 Open for Adoptions


The NSMBA is proud to announce that adoptions are open for 2015.  If your organization is interested in adopting a trail in 2015, please email  To find out more about what it means to adopt a trail, click HERE. To find out more about the Trail Adoption Plan, click HERE.


2014 Trail Report

While we strategically plan for 2015, its been an incredibly successful past year for our community on the trail front.  Combine TAP trail days in 2014 (90), 2014 Public Trail Days (9) and 2014 Academy Trail Days (6) we collectively have surpassed the centurion marker in 2014!  100 has been a long standing marker we've aimed for over the past few years. Finally achieving this is a milestone for the NSMBA and is a testament to the collective community spirit that is driving this forward.  
We are working together as a community like never before. We are working together with the Land Managers (LM) to find solutions and understand the process, at times creating the process as we go, but we have earned our place with our efforts and have become a valued and integral part of the LM Trail strategy. With a growing list of support from the business community, generous donors, and an army of well educated & trained volunteers, there is tremendous momentum as we march into 2015. Thank you to all of you who have been part of these efforts.  For those in our community who wish to be part of the effort moving forward in 2015, the door is open for you to join in this movement. 
Please find below our summary of accomplishments in 2014.