2016 Membership Survey - Results

Missed our survey readout at the Town Hall?  Find a summary of the 2016 results here.  Compare it to the 2015 results here.  The demographic information is also a big help in representing our membership to land managers and sponsors.  Thanks to everyone who participated - we'll be taking action on your feedback throughout the year.

Goal Reached for Heritage Campaign

The 2015/2016 NSMBA Heritage Campaign has now closed. The NSMBA is proud to announce that we have reached our $12,000 goal. We are grateful for the generosity of our community as it allows us to work on and maintain a challenging heritage trail on the North Shore.

2015 Year in Review


What a year we have had! Thank you to all of our sponsors, volunteers, builders, Directors and Staff for all their hard work in making 2015 awesome!

Question of the Month - Dec 2015

This month's question comes from longtime member and NSMBA supporter Andrew Major, who asks:  I really wanted to ask if the NSMBA is keeping on the awesome Trail Crew of Sean & Pat in 2016?

NSMBA Relationship Flow Chart

The NSMBA works with local Land Managers to develop a collaborative approach for trail strategies. Ultimately, the Land Mangers hold approval for these proposals. We work hard to create a strong relationship, best accomplished through positive community efforts. As you can see there are lots of pieces to this puzzle and we do it for the love of the trails!


On Common Ground

The North Shore Mountains provide a truly unique opportunity for the residents of the Lower Mainland. Whether you walk out your door in Lynn Valley or drive over a bridge, we have access to mountains like no other metropolitan area.

The North Shore Mountains provide a place to be in nature and enjoy being outdoors for hikers, walkers, runners and riders. We must all remember how fortunate we are for this opportunity. We must strive to care and respect the environment and we must foster a community that is built on the principle of respect for all user groups.

This month we add a section to the NSMBA 101 about trails signage for DNV managed lands. The intent is to provide information in order to foster mutual respect for all.